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Golden Pens - Write Side Up

Last month I managed to send my copy too late for the April News so I will have to combine last months news with this months.

The Arts Trail was a success for us as we set up at Lyn Dickson’s studio. Many people passed through throughout the weekend and stopped at our stand to play the word games that we had set up.  Lots of fun was had by all who joined in.Quiet a few bought our book and we hope that they are enjoying it as much as we did putting it together.  

The launch at the library the previous week also brought in many people and the readings went down very well.  

It is now back to business and we are busy with our Thursday fortnight meetings.  There are still books available to purchase and if you would like a copy, please contact Wendy Spall or Marita Reynolds on 0425 735 581.

This weeks “Words of Wisdom” come from Bridh Hancock and he writes as follows:-

Be happy and be wise?
Don’t be stupid or silly?
Be wise and be happy !
Be thankful and appreciative !
You are more than just you,
Who are of our love, and go with our love.

Happy Reading!