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Hot Fire Training for our Firefighters

Bannockburn and surrounding areas has traditionally been a predominantly grass and scrub fire risk environment. Local volunteer brigades respond to this risk with fire Tankers. In earlier times the response was with beaters and knapsacks and perhaps small, leafy branches.

Recently the Bannockburn area has seen rapid development resulting in a large and increasing urban risk - structures as well as grass and scrub.

This has been evidenced in recent years with fires occurring in a local church and a storage facility at the Business Estate.

To facilitate training for these situations, CFA has developed a number of Hot Fire Training Props using shipping containers - one of which is currently situated outside the Station in Clyde Road.

Crews from local brigades are taking the opportunity to learn and practice skills that will enable them to tackle this new risk with confidence and safety.

This training prop simulates a real structure fire with real fire in a structure - crews get the chance to experience real, intense heat under controlled conditions whilst learning and honing skills in tackling fires of this type.

If you are interested in joining our team, call in at the Bannockburn Fire station at 8.30am any Sunday morning and discuss with us what contribution you can make. 

Other local fire brigades are at Lethbridge, Meredith,Teesdale, Shelford, Inverleigh, Maude and Stonehaven.