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Massive Newly Proposed Local Sand Quarry

A guy has bought a huge chunk of land in She Oaks and is planning to turn it into a mega sand quarry (11 hectres).  
It will run 6 days a week.  
From 7 am to 6pm Mon-Fri.  And 7am to 3.15pm Sat.
Trucks will run to & from non-stop.

This will be a pick up point for trucks from all directions, meaning they'll be going down whatever roads they can.

As we already know, a road that isn't suitable for heavy trucks makes no difference to them using it or not ... if it gets them there quicker, they'll use it for sure!

So, Butchers Rd, DeMotts Rd, Regent Street and Durdiwarrah Rd will all be used, for they're 'feeder roads' for the surrounding big towns. As well as the already well trucked Steiglitz-Maude-Meredith Rd, and whatever other roads they can find.

This will result in: constant trucks roaring past all our houses, massive noise increases, dust over & in absolutely everything, toxic silica dust building up in all our drinking water tanks - leading to all sorts of health problems, increased risk of accidents, big deterents for tourists attracted to our once serene bushland, wineries, etc., safety fears for all bush walkers, families & cyclists who frequent our communities, damage to old bridges, stress to native wildlife/horses/cattle, and any number of other things.

If you want to know further info.  I'd recommend you come along to this meeting next Wednesday 17th May 2017 ... and spread the word among your neighbours.

What meeting?  
The Tourniers & I are Coordinators of the Maude, She Oaks, Steiglitz Community Planning Group. This group is not spearheading this anti-quarry movement.  Another group of locals have formed to do that. However, the Maude group is helping them ... and us, if we want.

That's why there's a meeting at the Maude Tennis Club Rooms this coming Wednesday night (17th), at 8 pm.

We're having our Community Planning Group meeting beforehand, though it'll finish by 8pm.  so please feel free to arrive around then.   And this quarry meeting shouldn't take long either.  The team are really great at keeping to a time frame...true.

If you'd like to know more prior to the meeting, contact the She Oaks - Maude - Steiglitz Community Group at

While info about the quarry application can be found on the Golden Plains Shire website.

Look under 'My Home', then 'Planning permit ads'.

Details and site plan can be accessed here too.

This meeting will provide us all with information on how to fill out the necessary shire Objection Form.

Another thing Alan just told me, a petition (nomatter how many hundreds of signatures it holds) only counts as 1 objection.


For each individual objection is more powerful then any group objection, so you really can make a big difference. 

And we have until the 30th May to lodge this needs to be quick.

Please feel free to contact me beforehand (email's probably best) if you're coming, so we can have an idea of extra numbers.   ALL LOCALS & interested parties WELCOME!

This new quarry is gonna be massive.  Even if you don't live directly on any of the 'feeder roads' your quality of life is going to be forever affected ... just by the noise alone. And once here, it's not going to get any smaller!

Hope you'll think this is something worth having your say about.

Lindy Allinson