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Teesdale Primary School

Continuous Learning at Teesdale PS
Our teaching staff continue their own professional learning in many ways.  Staff have spent time planning curriculum and sharing resources and knowledge. Our classroom teachers have coaching observations each week.

Coaching sessions provide teachers with areas to celebrate their successes and areas for new insights and perspectives. We are all on a journey of continuous improvement and our teaching staff are excited and committed to our improvement journey.

MVA Winter Sports
Grade 3-6 students will be participating in 2 afternoons of winter team sports with the Moorabool Valley Schools. Some students will be participating in trials to join the Moorabool Valley football or netball team. If successful, they will be participating in the Lightning Premiership in Geelong on 2nd June. Parents are welcome to come and support the students.

Learning Expos
The theme for Education Week this year is “healthy mind, healthy body”. Having a healthy mind and a healthy body are indeed critical factors in a child’s potential to learn and have a fulfilling life. We planned a wide range of activities where family and friends were invited to attend. The tabloid sports and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden event provided the opportunity for parents to work with students to support and celebrate healthy activities at school.  Staff also planned an open classroom hour where parents worked with their children on literacy and numeracy activities.

Junior School Excursion 
As part of our ‘Me and My History’ our Junior School went on an excursion to visit the Geelong Wool Museum and the new Geelong Regional Library. They had the opportunity to play on the new waterfront playground and see the bollards. The children found out about the history of Geelong and viewed the amazing mural in the foyer of the Department of Human Services (also known as the upside down building). The children thoroughly enjoyed their big day out.

Phillip Island Adventure Camp Cowes
The grade 5/6 students will be attending school camp at Phillip Island Adventure Camp from Monday 26th June – Friday 28th June inclusive. This camp has wonderful facilities and activities, which will develop confidence, trust, problem solving and teamwork skills. The students are really looking forward to camp.

Kitchen Garden News
The weather has been lovely for garden classes over the past few weeks. The junior classes have been talking about autumn and making leaf rubbings from fallen autumn leaves. The 3/4 classes have been planting cabbages, pak choi and green manure seeds as well as building a compost lasagne using layers of leaves, straw, garden and food waste. However, the absolute favourite again this year is seed bombs!  There's something kids seem to love about getting their hands dirty! These little mud balls are full of poultry forage seeds so we can grow a variety of foods to keep our chickens healthy. 

Mudbrick Café Report 
In the kitchen, students helped to make Mother's Day gifts by poaching pears kindly donated by the Teesdale General Store and tomato relish with tomatoes donated by King Broccoli. Thank you to these businesses for your support and we hope our Mums enjoyed their gift from the beautiful selection of homemade items. 

Congratulations on 10 years
This year celebrates our school's 10th anniversary of running our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. To commemorate this significant achievement, we will be dedicating our cafe on the Wednesday 13th September to celebrate and recognise the contribution of past and present teachers, parents and students. 

Congratulations to everyone involved with the program over the past 10 years. Please contact the school on 5281 5218 if you were part of this valuable program over the years and would like to attend on the day, or if you have memorabilia to share. More information to come.

Upcoming Café dates for 2017 are:
Wednesday June 7th, Aug 16th, Sept 13th, Oct 18th and Nov 15th
The Café is open from 11:30am – 12:15pm.  All welcome.

Parents and Friends
A huge thank you to all the people who volunteered their time helping with the baking and service on the day of the Mother’s Day stall. Thank you to the lovely families who donated ingredients for the baked goods. Without your help and support, our children would not be able to enjoy these special days.

To celebrate the end of the term, PFA will be holding a special lunch day, so look out for the order forms!

Please take the time to join our Teesdale Primary School PFA Facebook page to be kept up to date with PFA events.   

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at:

• It’s not ok to be away – unless you’re off to camp!

• Don’t forget to come to the next The Mudbrick Cafe!