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Golden Pens - Write Side Up

This months “Words of Wisdom” come from Brenda Humphries.  We hope you enjoy them.

Some words today I hardly recognise; OMG, LOL, Blog, Firewall to name a few.  The technical age has dawned and I have been left in the shadows of a world where we used pen and paper, where we wrote letters instead of emails, but the thrill of opening a hand written letter is a very rare experience these days.

Words are a gift that can lift us up beyond the rainbow, above the clouds to feel the brilliant warmth of the sun.  Words are the salt on hot chips, the butter on freshly baked bread, the awe of a sunrise over a crystal blue ocean.  They bring unspeakable joy when catching a glimpse of a colourful Rosella in the apple tree or a flash of a yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo high in the pine trees, or a dancing Blue Wren on the grass.

Words are a necklace made from the shiny beads of the alphabet, strung together with great power, to be used wisely, kindly and generously.  Words are the wings that make our hearts fly.

Thanks Brenda, you have a lovely way with words. 

The Golden Pens writing group are busy with our fortnightly meetings at the library where we are writing and planning for future events.  

If you would like to see what we are about please just drop in and visit us.  We meet every 2nd Thursday and our next meeting is on June 8th at 2:00pm.

Happy Reading!