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Bannockburn Community Plan Projects 2017-2020

Bannockburn Community Plan 2017 to 2020:  making Bannockburn an even better place to live.

Over the last few months many members of the community have been working with the GPS Community Plan team of Nicole Langtip, Breanna Doody and Olivia Naughtin to identify a number of useful projects that community members could follow through with financial support from the shire.

A town-wide survey and a couple of public meetings identified 9 “Projects” that we could work on. GPS will provide $7500 in seed funding which we can use to either grow the pot or fund projects.

If you would like to get involved with a particular project please get in touch.

The projects include:

1.  Improving Road Safety: mostly lobbying VicRoads and the shire in relation to problem areas.

2.  Recycling and Rubbish: we need hard rubbish and green waste services to cut the bush dumping.

3.  Town maintenance and beautification: mostly strategic planting to improve the look of the town but also to clean up some of the entry points that have been de-beautified by Shire soil dumps (eg Harvey Rd) or by litter along roadsides (eg along the golf course side of the Reserve).

4.  Community Spaces, Bike paths and parks; plenty to do here to improve park facilities and work on a bike path to Teesdale.

5.  Aquatic facilities: not just a pool but an aquatic health centre catering for a wide range of activities. We hope to work with the new school on this one.

6.  Public transport: we need a bit of vision here to take advantage of the railway line through the middle of our town.

7.  Community Connectedness: we can do more to support and initiate a range of community activities such as the twentieth Yellow Gum Festival or the 1997 Battle of Bannockburn.

8.  Support Local Initiatives; if you have a good idea in the art, environment, culture or heritage area, it can be supported.

9.  Town Development: as one persons profit can be another’s nightmare we need another set of views involved in the mix. We have discussed topics such as; high density developments particularly in flat, rocky un-sewered areas, managing infrastructure to match population growth and appropriate shopping facilities.

This Community Plan gives us the opportunity to work with the support of the council for the benefit of the whole community. Get in touch if you would like to have some input.

You can find out more and download a copy of the plan at:

The plan was presented to and approved by council on Tuesday May 23.

Your Community Plan Coordinators include:

Aimee Najdovski, Bret Woods, Cameron Everton, Stuart McCallum, Carol Newlands, Niall Brown, Michelle Brandy, Beth Kershaw, Lois Johnson.