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Maude & District Landcare Group

The next meeting of the Landcare Group will be held at the Maude Tennis Pavilion on Thursday, 15th June at 7.30pm.


Our speaker at the last meeting was Tim Johnston, from the Victorian Serrated Tussock Working Party. Tim discussed the extension work he will carry out in our Landcare focus area to address remaining hot spots of tussock, and his approach to encourage landholders to destroy infestations on their properties.

The area Tim will cover will be 1,260ha in size, with 23 properties greater than 2ha., and is expected to take until November to complete, with property inspections starting in May. Tim reminded us that there will be no funding available for purchase of chemicals to spray serrated tussock.

There will be an invasion of new tussock plants this year, given the good start to autumn. Hopefully some will not survive the extra competition from the pasture which has seen excellent pasture growth. New plants grow very quickly and we will all need to work extra hard to keep ahead of the new arrivals.

If you are visiting the Brisbane Ranges National Park over the next couple of months, please be aware that the annual 1080 fox baiting campaign is underway. Signs have been placed around the areas being baited. Remember that foxes can carry baits quite some distance from where they pick them up – and they are deadly to dogs and cats.