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Maude Fire Brigade News

The Trash, Treasure and Craft Market at the Rec. Reserve and fire station on 7th May was an outstanding success – one of our best ever.

The forecast was for doom and gloom, but the day was very pleasant, the crowd was excellent, and brigade members were kept very busy indeed. The men did their usual sterling job on the barbecue, while the rest of us manned stalls, made cups of tea and coffee, sold delicious morning tea and sold raffle tickets.

The famous fire wood raffle was extremely popular. Sadly, this year it was not won by a local, but returned a record result. Thank you so much, Jack, not only for the prize, but for sticking it out on the ticket table with hardly a break all morning.

Catering for two clearing sales over the last month has kept us very busy. We are grateful for these chances to build up our truck fund, as the time to replace our brigade-owned vehicles will creep up on us sooner than we think!

The next meeting of the Fundraising sub committee will be held at the fire shed on Wednesday, 28th June at 7.30pm.