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Proposed New Sand Quarry At She Oaks

A planning permit application (P17-071) has been received by the Golden Plains Shire for the establishment of a new substantial gravel/sand quarry (approx. 11 hectares) adjacent to the Maude-Steiglitz-She Oaks Road, She Oaks.

The residents of the Steiglitz, Maude She Oaks area are extremely concerned about the impacts of the proposed quarry. Of major concern is the threat to their personal, family and community safety from increased traffic on roads, the further environmental scarring of the landscape, the threat to tourism and their quality of life in this idyllic region of the Shire.

If you wish to oppose this new quarry then please contact your Councillors and send your written objections to the Golden Plains Shire. Details of the application can be found on the Golden Plains Shire website [] as well as official form for writing your objections (go to “Planning Permits Currently Advertised”).

If you would like to be kept informed (or become involved) please email us at

Steiglitz, She Oaks, Maude Community Group