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Teesdale Defibrillator

About 3 years ago a short term but very proactive resident of Teesdale – Kellie Dines - initiated a campaign to provide the town with a publicly accessible AED (defibrillator).

Kellie wrote a letter to all residents seeking donations which resulted in a small amount of cash being collected which was supplemented by donations from generous people & organisations resulting in the purchase of the machine.

Kellie liaised with Ambulance Victoria who decreed that the defib had to be monitored full time by closed circuit TV. After discussion with various bodies it was decided that the outside foyer of the Community Hall was the logical place to install the device. 

The Lions Club of Inverleigh – Leigh Valley funded the CCTV equipment. The Teesdale Community Hall committee continues to maintain the device & monitor the CCTV as necessary. 

In the event that someone phones 000 with an emergency concerning suspected heart attack, the caller will be directed to the defibrillator at the hall where the machine talks the user through the correct procedure.

A Community Coordinator – Geoff Wild – is concerned that few Teesdale residents are aware of the location of the defib & through the GP Shire has sought the provision of a prominent “AED Defibrillator” directional sign on the highway under the large “Community Hall” sign. At this stage VicRoads has denied permission – negotiations are continuing.

In the meantime this is a reminder that there is a monitored Public Defibrillator situated at the Teesdale Hall. It is there to save lives so please remember it is there and treasure it. One day it might be your live,or that of a family member that it saves.

The defibrillator is situated at the entrance to the Teesdale Hall.
It is under video surveillance but there for residents to easily access in an emergency.