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Teesdale Primary School News

Parenting Programs at Teesdale PS
Due to the success of the recent Parenting Workshop conducted by Centracare Ballarat, Grampians Regional Parent Resource Service, we have been offered a range of further Parenting Programs.

This is a wonderful opportunity for our school community. Such programs support parents and guardians to feel connected to parenting service and also learn and share parenting strategies. 

For more information on session times go to:

Alternatively, please visit the Centacare website and look under Parenting Programs. There will be no charge for any of these programs. The programs will be in our Mudbrick building, delivered by Practitioner Helen Diamond.  Please phone the school office on 5281 5218 to book a place.

MVA Winter Sports
Grade 3-6 students participated in two afternoons of winter team sports with the Moorabool Valley Schools. Congratulations to students who were selected and played for the Moorabool Valley Lightning Premiership teams in AFL: Mason Pavlinac, Kade Bower, Andrea Wellington, Mitchell Wise, Jack Thompson, Nate Brislan, Billy Thompson, James Rigby and Tom Cowling, and in netball Nyah Kent and Zoe Grigsby. 

Sports News
Congratulations to students Emma Goldsworthy, Nyah Kent, Andrea Wellington, Jack Thompson, James Rigby, Isaac Gandolfo, Gilbert Hose and Baxter Holdsworth who competed in the Geelong North District Cross Country event. Nyah Kent successfully qualified to advance to the Western Metro Region Cross Country Event.  

Indonesian Incursion
On Thursday June 22 Year 3-6 students participated in an Indonesian incursion. Students were visited by an Indonesian chef, where they discussed culture, traditions and customs relating to food and enjoyed delicious nasi goring. This was a fantastic cultural opportunity to support current learning in class.

Class photo of students with our Indonesian cooking visitor

Phillip Island Adventure Camp Cowes
The grade 5/6 students attended school camp at Phillip Island Adventure Camp from Monday 26th June – Friday 28th June inclusive. This camp has wonderful facilities and activities, which will help develop confidence, trust, problem solving and teamwork skills. Students really enjoyed their experience and adventures at camp. 

Student Lead Conferences 
In term 3 there will be the opportunity for students to further share their learning at our Student Led Conferences. These are planned for Monday 31st July, from 11am until 7pm. The conferences will be for 15 minutes and are designed to be a positive experience for all. It is a formal and professional opportunity to discuss achievements and learning. 

Kitchen Garden News
The junior classes have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel and searching for the trail of bread crumbs in the garden as well as helping to water our garlic, spring onion and winter vegetable crops. The 3/4 classes have been building no dig garden beds by alternating layers or mushroom compost and pea straw. We have completed two beds which will be the new home for an apricot and peach tree. We have been harvesting kale, leek and broccoli and making delicious vegetable soup and a warm cous cous salad with spring onion, pumpkin and broccoli. 

Mudbrick Café Report 
Our last café on the Wednesday 7th June included a delicious menu of vegetable soup, a tasting plate featuring home-made quince paste and a devine lemon and rosemary syrup cake. Guests were entertained by Felicity, Aimee, Maeva and Penny performing songs and poetry. Five of our school leaders, Chloe, Paige, Tarrant, Tom and Alessia, were involved with customer service. The next café date is Wednesday 16th August. All welcome. 

Congratulations Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program on 10 years
This year celebrates our school's 10th anniversary of running our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. To commemorate this significant achievement, we will be dedicating our cafe on the Wednesday 13th September to celebrate and recognise the contribution of past and present teachers, parents and students. The plan for the day is to welcome visitors from 10am to see our garden class in action, followed by a walk through our historical display, then ‘Sharing our Harvest’ , enjoy lunch made by our students using fresh produce from our garden at 11.30am.

Please contact the school on 5281 5218 if you were part of this valuable program over the years and would like to attend on the day, or if you have memorabilia to share. 

Upcoming Café dates for 2017 are:
Wednesday Aug 16th, Sept 13th (Bookings required), Oct 18th and Nov 15th
The Café is open from 11:30am – 12:15pm.  All welcome.

Parents and Friends
Our pumpkin soup lunch order day was held on June 15 made with our very own home grown pumpkins! This was accompanied by Anzac biscuits for recess. A huge thank you to everyone who supported the day including our kitchen garden program for making the soup, parents who helped serve and families who donated ingredients for the Anzac biscuits. 

Preserving Day – Friday 21 July at 9am-12pm
In preparation for our Father’s Day Stall we are getting together in the Mudbrick to make some delicious sauces and jam. If you would like to be involved, please contact the office. All skill levels welcome!

Please take the time to join our Teesdale Primary School PFA Facebook page to be kept up to date with PFA events.   

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on 5281 5218 or head to our website at:  August is enrolment month at Teesdale PS and more information will follow in the next edition.

•  It’s not ok to be away – unless you’re off to camp!
•  Don’t forget to come to the next The Mudbrick Cafe!
•  Start collecting the Earn and Learn stickers from end of July!