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Bannockburn Primary School News

Curriculum Day 
Our Curriculum Day on Friday, June 9th was extremely enlightening and productive.  The whole staff travelled to Mernda Central P-12 College in Mernda, north of Melbourne, for the day.

Mernda Central College is almost identical to our new school buildings and it was a great opportunity to see what our new school will look like and see it in operation.  Images are included here with the difference being, Bannockburn has an orange/red colour scheme, compared with Mernda’s colours being green/aqua.   

We gained insight into how the school operates with a presentation from the Principal, Ms Mandy O’Mara, and conversations with the staff.  The school is very impressive. The buildings themselves are innovative and inspiring in design with furniture to match.  

Students were learning in the Learning Communities, which were welcoming with a sense of calm and purpose present.  

We noticed while walking through the communities that students were really engaged in their learning and the different learning spaces were being used to facilitate various styles of teaching and learning. The fact that the buildings are all brand new and that the grounds and sports facilities are all completed and functional is an added bonus.   

The significant planning for our move to the new Bannockburn College at the beginning of next year can now continue with greater insight and understanding of how our new buildings will complement our Bannockburn teaching and learning approach. 

Lightning Premiership Last Wednesday our Grade 5/6 students all participated in the Corio District Lightning Premiership. We are very fortunate that Geelong Grammar host our day giving Bannockburn students access to amazing facilities. Over 800 students from seven schools participating in five sports football, netball, soccer, t-ball and volleystars.

Our teams played some amazing sport over the day improving with each game. We had wonderful support from some parents along with greatly appreciated  support from North Geelong and St Joseph’s Secondary schools who provided some umpires to assist with our day.

Our annual Illustrator in Residance program took place at the end of June.  All our students participated in a  workshop with artist and illustrator, Sunshine Herbert. Sunshine demonstrated how she creates her artwork and shared with all children how they can use illustrations to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

A lucky 30 children also got to have lunch with Sunshine. The winners had to draw an illustration of themselves with a pet (real or imaginary) in a storybook scene. Sunshine was very impressed by the submissions from the children.  

Alison Lester Author Study:
In reading, the Year 2s have been doing an Author Study on Alison Lester. The children have enjoyed exploring the many books she has written and illustrated. After reading the text, ‘Imagine’, the children designed their own imaginary environment in the style of Alison Lester’s illustrations and then produced some amazing descriptive writing using their senses.

Imagine walking into a place with fresh air and the smell of cactus swarming your nose. As you're walking, you see a group of lizards and go over to touch them. They feel spikey. You can hear the noises they make and smell their unique smell. It makes you want to run away. You run as fast as you can through the dunes until your shoes fall off. The sand feels nice between your toes so you run faster. You stumble in and fall over into the hot sand. It goes in your mouth and you can taste the dust and grime. You are in a desert.
- by Slayde 2D

I can see a ginormous elephant and a ferocious crocodile that is wildly snapping his amazing jaws.

I can hear an amazing robin that is beautifully humming a soothing tune.

I can smell disgusting, ginormous elephant poo that smells like rotten mushrooms.

I can feel a very smooth and crackly green tree snake. It feels so, so, smooth.

I can taste fresh water from the rain. I drank it while raindrops dripped down onto my back, from the leaves on the trees. 

- by Noah 2C