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Golden Pens - Write Side Up

This months “Words of Wisdom” come from Marita.  It is an article about the Bannockburn Community Garden.

Did you know?
Did you know that Bannockburn has a community garden group that meet on the third Saturday of every month at the ‘Bannockburn Primary School’? The group has just celebrated its 1st birthday. The group members are Anne and Bridh Hancock, Peter Reynolds, Ellen Arts, Di Thomson, Phil and Jill Dickson. The group also have a Facebook page that keeps the local community informed of the projects that the group have accomplished over the last 12 months.

The primary school has allocated an area near their science room that has been transformed by the members with raised garden beds and wicking beds. Behind the science room is a renovated chook house with 3 silky hens currently residing there, providing eggs on a regular basis.

In the last 12 months gardening projects have varied and a community day with Mike Morgan from Dog Rocks Studio, showing local community participants how to create a mosaic paver. This allowed people to experiment with their creativity and try something different, the pavers were then used to lay a path leading to the chook house.

Participants attended on 2 days to create and then finish their works of art. The pavers have recently been laid with scoria surrounding the pavers, making them a functional and decorative path.

Vegetation is growing abundantly; harvested crops have consisted of Jerusalem artichokes, Tomatoes, lettuce, kale, spinach, celery, rosemary & parsley. Fruit trees of apple, apricot, plum and lemon are available.

The members all contribute their knowledge and experience to work the land using composting and permaculture principles.  Back to basics.

If anyone from the local community is interested in joining the group, they are most welcome, or if you can offer a helping hand every now and then it would be greatly appreciated.

Marita Reynolds  from the Golden Penners -Write Side Up group.

Thanks Marita, I’m sure there will be some helping hands joining you soon.