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Bannockburn Golf Club

Bannockburn Golf Club
One of the best aspects of joining the Bannockburn Golf Club is that all the work done to maintain the beautiful course & facilities all year round is completed by volunteers.

This keeps the green fees (what you pay to just come out and have a hit) and the membership fees amazingly low.  Combine this with the inviting and fun atmosphere, and it’s a great club to be a part of.

For those who are interested in the more competitive games (which still includes a great social aspect), each week there is the Mid Week 18 hole Stableford & the Mid Week 9 hole Stableford competitions, the Ladies Wednesday Competition and the Men’s Saturday Competition.  As well as games at the club each week, there are opportunities to participate in competitions across the district representing the club.

The best thing about golf though, is you don’t need to play competitively to be able to get out and enjoy the game.  The course is open to the public (green-fee players) nearly every day of the year and at the low rate of $12, you can play as many (or as few!) holes as you wish.  It’s a great way to meet up with friends or family and participate in activity together.

Across the year the club runs a number of beginner clinics for those who’d like to learn about the game before they join, as well as Saturday morning clinics for juniors wanting to start the game.  In addition to this, there are several key charities that the club supports such as the Good Friday Appeal, as well as cancer research, Legacy and other such organisations.  These days are always great fun and really show how the game of golf connects with our local community.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to swing a club, or perhaps you’re looking for a relaced, social environment that helps to support an active lifestyle, come on out to the Bannockburn Golf Club!