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Maude Recreation Reserve

The triennial meeting to elect committee members for the Maude Recreation Reserve for the next three years will be coming up soon.

The committee members are government appointed, and work for the good of the Reserve, to make it as pleasant and welcoming a place as we can for both local users and visitors. Maude and district has always been able to find a number of members of the local community who are willing to put their hands up for this rewarding position.

This year, several members will be retiring. Are YOU interested in joining this important local group? Meeting nights will be set by the new committee to suit all members so that is no excuse. 

What does the committee do?  The committee makes its own decisions, subject to local government and department guidelines, about the Reserve. We have been very successful over the years in gaining funding for many projects with great support from the Golden Plains Shire and the Government. 

Examples over many years include the total refurbishing of the Tennis Pavilion, the lease of the land to the CFA to enable the fire shed to be built, the building of the barbecue shelter and fire pit, rebuilding of the toilets, lopping and removing of dangerous sugar gums, the Bunjil Lookout, improved car parking, and pathways and the bocce court. We also run a roster for the reserve cleaning, but this is not an automatic inclusion in the job description!

Everyone in the district expects the Reserve to be kept in good condition and kept as an attractive place to visit. Are you up to the task? 

Watch in the local press for information regarding the triennial meeting, and put your hand up for this rewarding job. Any current committee member will be happy to answer your questions.