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Maude Fire Brigade News

This is the time of year when we all want to get the garden pruning done and the heaps of rubbish cleaned up before the flush of spring growth hides it all under a forest of grass.

Before you light that match there are two important things you must do – firstly, consider where your heaps are. If they are near a road, check the direction of any breeze. We all know how difficult it can be if you are driving and suddenly have to pass through thick smoke! No one wants to be the cause of a traffic accident, so leave the job to another day.

Secondly, please book your burn in with Vicfire. Call 1800 668 511. All they will ask for is the address of the burn, start time and duration, size and material, and your name and phone number. The operators are always pleasant and the call takes less than five minutes. 

Making this call could save you the embarrassment of having the local brigade showing up in response to a reported fire. Please remember that the local CFA members are all volunteers, and, like you, they have better things to do than go to false alarms!