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Mayor's Message - July 2017

Dear residents
At Council’s June meeting the Council Plan 2017-2021 and Budget 2017-18 were considered for adoption.

The Council Plan is a great opportunity for our new Council to re-examine our priorities, and check that we are delivering services valued by our ratepayers.

Community engagement for the Council Plan 2017-2021 was the most extensive engagement with our residents ever undertaken by Council.

Over a six month period, residents had the opportunity to provide input and give feedback on key priorities prior to the development of this plan.

Residents have told us consistently that they wanted more consultation and engagement.

Findings from our consultation show that residents highly value Golden Plains’ rural lifestyle, sense of community and natural environment.

Residents’ priorities for Council included listening and consulting, encouraging business growth and support for local events bringing the community together.

These priorities were reflected in the four pillars of the Council Plan:
• Promoting Healthy and Connected Communities
• Enhancing Local Economies
• Managing the Natural and Built Environment
• Delivering Good Governance and Leadership

The Council Plan doesn’t just sit on a shelf for four years – it’s a reference document for Council and residents to check actions against progress.

It also sets financial direction by feeding into the four year Strategic Resource Plan, which informs the annual Budget.

My sincere thanks to those residents who responded to surveys and provided feedback in person. We look forward to continuing to engage meaningfully with our communities.

You can find the new Council Plan at