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Bannockburn Catholic Church and Primary School

It is official!!
A Catholic primary school will open for the start of the school year in 2018 on the site of the present government school.

The Catholic Church will be licencing/leasing the site initially while a purchase agreement is finalised with the understanding that only the fixed buildings will remain. Our intent is that current arrangements for community sharing of the basketball stadium will continue.

We have started all the work that is necessary to open a school: registration with VRQA, hiring a principal (who will hire staff), developing a logo and uniform, inspecting the premises and working out what renovations are needed to open quickly, hiring an architect to help us design the long-term future, extending the process of community engagement.

Plans for starting enrolments are underway and registration of interest and interview with Fr Charles will start as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for news and if you wish email your interest to the Parish at

We have received and are evaluating Expressions of Interest from architects for developing a Master Plan and design for the new church. Construction of the church is hoped to begin in 2018, a little later than hoped but now a tangible thing and I hope the church will be finished well before the end of 2018.

Fundraising has started for the church: we are short of $250,000 so we will be seeking assistance from across the community for this important part of the heart of Bannockburn. Fundraising will formally launch with an evening at Clyde Park Winery from 7-10pm on Friday 11th August. The cost is $100/head which sounds a lot but nearly all of this goes to the construction of the church. A fun evening out will cost about this much so please make it a priority to come along. Geelong are not playing that evening so there are no big excuses possible to stay away. There will also be opportunities during the evening to buy great things via an auction.

These are exciting times for the whole Bannockburn community and surrounds, as they are for the Catholic Parish of Meredith. Thank you for your support.

God bless, Fr Charles Balnaves (0417 319 556)