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Corangamite residents can now sign up as organ donors in record time

In the lead up to DonateLife Week (30 July – 6 August),I encourage Corangamite residents to sign up as organ donors through the new online registration process.

A minute or two of your time could save lives and make a lifetime of difference for up to 10 people needing organ or tissue donation.

Now, almost instantly, you can register to become a donor on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

I understand just how much difference organ donors can make to the lives of Australians in need of a transplant. That is why I recently became an organ donor myself.

Across the nation last year, 503 deceased and 267 living donors contributed to a record 1,713 people receiving donated organs.

Research shows that more than two-thirds of Australians are willing to become organ and tissue donors but only one-third have taken the step of joining the Australian Organ Donor Register.

With around 1,400 Australians currently waiting for a transplant, I’m asking everyone in Corangamite to join the register as soon as possible.

Jump online, type in the words ‘donatelife’ and ‘register’, and sign up using the simple, five-line form.

I would also ask that while you’re doing it, you share your decision with your loved ones.

Along with the new online registration form at, Australians can still join the Australian Organ Donor Register online via the myGov, Medicare Express Plus and Department of Human Services websites, and by submitting printed forms.