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Bannockburn Community Plan Projects 2017-2020

Bannockburn Community Plan 2017 to 2020:  making Bannockburn an even better place to live.

Although our BCP group has only been operating for a short while, we have already seen excellent progress for some of our key projects.

Here is a reminder of the 9 areas on which we have been focussing:

1. Improving Road Safety
2. Recycling and Rubbish
3. Town maintenance and beautification
4. Community Spaces, Bike paths and parks
5. Aquatic facilities: 
6. Public transport 
7. Community Connectedness
8. Support Local Initiatives
9. Town Development

Progress Report 1. Improving Road Safety.
Four members of our group met very briefly with Golden Plains staff on Monday July 31 to discuss planned road alterations. We will report on this meeting next month.

Progress Report 2.  Recycling and Rubbish. 
Michelle and Stuart met with GPS staff to discuss a broad range of issues. GPS will endeavour to supply better information to all residents on recycling options. They do provide subsidised composting bins to all residents to help reduce the amount of decomposable waste. Is it significant that on the day of this meeting Coles and Woolworths announced that they will phase out plastic shopping bags in two years?

Progress Report 3. Town Maintenance and Beautification.  
Members of the public and our group met with landscape planners at the July 1 Farmers market to discuss town landscaping and planting. The consultants will prepare a summary for council and hold a community meeting very soon. Keep a look out.

Meanwhile the Shire has been investigating their roadside soil dumps and with the help of Vicroads who need an offset site (see the FOBB article). The dumps have now been cleared and fenced and Treehome Nursery will conduct a planting day shortly, probably with the local Cubs and Scouts.

Progress Report 4. Community Spaces and bike paths etc. 
See the FOBB article for details.

The first reconnoitre ride has been conducted and we will soon hold a community bike ride as a promotional “Before” event to assess local interest. Keep a look out for posters.

No action so far on areas 5 – 9.

This Community Plan gives us the opportunity to work with the support of the council for the benefit of the whole community. Get in touch if you would like to have some input. 

You can find out more and download a copy of the plan at:

Stuart McCallum, M 0438 904 961


Your friendly BCP group includes:
Aimee Najdovski, Bret Woods, Cameron Everton, Stuart McCallum, Carol Newlands, Niall Brown, Michelle Brandy, Beth Kershaw, Lois Johnson