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Bannockburn Anglican Church

This week  has been a milestone in ministry for me and St John’s  Bannockburn. After  9 years serving in the Parish it is time to hand on the baton.

My final service on Sunday was most humbling and a tribute to God’s grace and generosity, highlighting the many ways in which he has blessed us .

I had asked the congregation to come dressed as their favorite Bible character, many stood and described who and why they were and what it was that had inspired them 

I had not chosen to dress up, part because I couldn’t make up my mind and part of me wondered how appropriate it might be.

However as I was preaching from the Gospel of John Chapter 20, it came to me that at least one of my very favorite characters is Mary Magdalene.

Mary a sinner, en-counted Jesus, was forgiven and healed. She showed her love by washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. Anointing him with expensive perfume.(Luke7:37)

She followed him till the end. She with the other women was first to arrive at the tomb that early Sunday morning, distraught with grief, only to find the tomb empty, Mary stands alone, weeping

Well almost. Jesus' body was not there, only the grave cloths and two angels! 

Who asked her “Woman, why are you weeping”?  

Turning, Mary saw Jesus but did not recognize him “Woman, why are you weeping? He asked. Sir they have taken away my Lord and we don’t know where they have put him Then he called her by name, Mary - her joy as she recognized him, risen and alive must surely have been overwhelming after the week that had proceeded.

Jesus then says, “don’t cling to me but go and tell the brothers I have risen”.

A sinner encountering Jesus, forgiven, healed, loved and loving, sent to tell others the wonderful good news, That He is alive, our sins forgiven, promising fullness of life in a relationship with our amazing God. How wonderful.

And so God’s story, continues and unfolds to this day. Sinners encounter The Risen Lord Jesus, he calls them by name, forgives them restores them and  sends them out to tell  others the Good News.

May I suggest today, if you are feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed not quite sure who you are or where you are going, seek Jesus, his love and forgiveness sets you free. May God continue to bless and prosper the work of our hands.

Thank all for allowing me to serve in this Parish and this community.

The Rev’d Liz Bufton