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Maude Recreation Reserve

It is disappointing to see that there are some visitors to our Reserve who don’t seem able or willing to walk the few feet from the car park to the barbecue shelter, and have been, on repeated occasions, driving their cars up to, or occasionally, into the shelter.

There is no evidence that these visitors are in any way physically handicapped.  We ask visitors, whether locals or from far away, to respect the area and the work that has been done in the Reserve. The barbecue, children’s play ground and bocce court are there for your enjoyment – please remember that other folk want to enjoy it too. 

Our chairman, Noel Brebner, and his wife Helen, are leaving the area very soon, having taken the big step of selling up and moving on to the next exciting chapter of their life. The people of Maude, She Oaks and surrounding districts will miss their energetic support of the area, and wish them well in whatever adventures await them.

Noel’s work as chairman of the Recreation Reserve Committee of Management has resulted in many improvements being brought from a ‘thought bubble’ to a reality. He seems to have the knack of knowing or finding the right person to keep things going – there must surely be some who tremble when they see him coming down the corridor, or hear that business-like voice on the phone.

A big and sincere thank you to Noel for his fifteen years of service to the Reserve, which includes time as both secretary and chairman. The local district has been very lucky that Noel and Helen chose Maude to put their roots down, and to contribute so generously to the well being of the area.

The next meeting of the committee will be the triennial meeting, when all members and office bearers of the committee will retire. New members are being sought. If you live in Maude, or surrounding areas, and are interested in putting your name forward, or know of someone who you think could make a contribution to this committee, don’t stand back! Members of all ages are needed. 

This is a government-appointed committee, and all elected members are required to go through a police check before being confirmed.

It is not an automatic privilege for committee members to be part of the Reserve cleaning roster, but new helpers would be most welcome. 

The date of the meeting will be published in the next Bannockburn Newsletter. It is expected to be held in September.

Lexie Stray
Committed, energetic, tireless worker and local advocate are some of the key qualities Lex Stray has demonstrated over the past 25 years. 

The Maude Recreation Reserve Committee and Maude, Steiglitz and She Oaks Community Planning group take this opportunity to acknowledge Lex’s invaluable contribution that has resulted in significant developments across the community and within Golden Plains Shire.

 Lex in many ways was a committed advocate, leader and community member and has given so much to the local community. 

Lex will cease her Committee involvement at the upcoming Triennial meeting to be held in September 2017. 

Lex is to be congratulated for her fine contribution to the area and will be long remembered and rightly so. 

Great effort Lex and thank you on behalf of everyone.

Noel Brebner (Chairman)