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Maude Fire Brigade News

The Maude Brigade is celebrating our 40th Birthday with a brigade dinner and awards night at the Fire Station on 5th August. Invitations have been sent out to all current members. We look forward to a get together to catch up and enjoy a meal we haven’t had to cook!

The next morning will be training day on the first Sunday of the month, so it will be a busy weekend for members. 

John and Judy Schulze, valued members of the Maude Brigade while they lived in She Oaks, have continued their involvement with CFA since settling in Koondrook in Northern Victoria. John, a former lieutenant and captain at Maude, has just been elected Captain of the Koondrook Fire Brigade, and Judy will continue in her role as secretary/treasurer, a position she also held at Maude.

There have been lots of burn-offs around the area over the cooler weather. Have you registered your burn with Vicfire? Please don’t forget to ring them on  1800 668 511 with the details of your burn, so that there is no chance of a fire truck being sent to investigate, unless, of course you end up needing help to put it out!