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Retirement Living Alternatives

There has been a fair bit of discussion recently about the value of buying in to a retirement village. Or more to the point the fairness of charges, for ongoing maintenance, exit fees, refurbishment fees and finally depreciated unit value.

Various retirement villages offer substantially different formulas for these charges. Some are more agreeable than others, and its always a good policy to do your research thoroughly and seek legal advice before committing to such a long term lifestyle change.

As you consider retirement villages be aware that there is quite possibly, a more attractive alternative. Consider rental retirement village living - there are a few around. 

Rental retirement villages offer a similar lifestyle surrounded by supportive friends sharing your time of life, however on a long term lease, an ingoing bond of 4 weeks rental, fully maintained gardens and units, access to common or recreation rooms, and possible eligibility for the centrelink rental assistance allowance. In fact, many or more of the benefits found in buy-in villages.

Rental villages can provide an opportunity for greater financial freedom as you don’t need to tie up your funds in a purchase, but can choose to use it to perhaps travel or simply enjoy life. 

And when the time comes to move on to the next level of supported living, there are no exit, refurbishment or depreciated value costs to be concerned with. 

Many would consider this a more fair alternative in retirement living so take a good look around. 

There are seniors rental villages in Grovedale, Whittington, and Bannockburn Green.