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Upcoming event to explore the growing phenomenon of gig work in a local context

The Geelong Region LLEN (Local Learning & Employment Network) will present the first in a series of events on the growing gig economy, on Wednesday 16th August, from 9am to 12pm, at Deakin Cats Community Centre, Simonds Stadium.

The first event will feature a number of locals already working in the gig economy.  They will present a diverse range of experiences and perspectives from employers, small business owners, the unions and working mothers.  This will be followed by a panel discussion, opportunity for audience Q&A, and round-table discussions of the issues raised and areas for further exploration.

The aim of the event is to inform local students, jobseekers, employers, teachers, business owners, government and community organisations that the gig economy is already here, and the potential benefits and disadvantages of engaging in gig work.

Gig work refers to anyone working either concurrent part-time or casual roles to make up a full-time wage, or those engaged in short-term contract work.  Gig work can present opportunities for flexibility, creativity, and pursuing a number of fields of interest, but is also inherently unstable and lacks the protections that come with full-time work, such as sick and holiday pay.  There are also more obligations on the gig worker with relation to superannuation and paying personal income taxes.

Dr. Jude Walker, the Geelong Region LLEN’s Labour Market Analyst and Futurist says, “The number of full-time jobs in the Australian labour market has been declining steadily since 2000, while the Grattan Institute indicates that as much as 30% of the Australian workforce is now working in non-traditional ways.  It is vital for us, as a region, to develop strategies to maximise the opportunities for local jobseekers and to address some of the problems with this type of work” 

This is an important issue which the Geelong region needs to ensure it is adequately prepared for.  Tickets are currently on sale through Eventbrite: