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New Clothing Store for Bannockburn

My name is Brian Ward. I am a single father from Grovedale who has been a retailer for 25 years around Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula operating gift shops, $2 shops and clothing stores.

After some changes in my personal circumstances I came out to Bannockburn looking for a new opportunity and decided to go ahead and open a clothing store here.

Will it be successful? 

Thats up to you, the good folk of the Golden Plains to decide. As I have said to some of my customers already, I don't expect to make a million dollars here - all I need is a living. 

I am thinking that if everyone came and spent $25 per year, that would keep me here so if you want a clothing store close to home, please come in and say hello and  take a look at our range. 

We will do our best to provide you with what you want and hopefully I will get the support I need to make this a viable venture. 

Thanks for your time and good luck to you and your families and I hope to meet you soon.