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Golden Pens - Write Side Up

Is Spring upon us, or is it just mother nature teasing us.  We have had some lovely weather this August but also some bad weather.

I personally find it interesting, the change of seasons. It does make your day unpredictable, to take a coat or not, maybe an umbrella.  As soon as you decide to wear a jumper the sun will shine all day or visa-versa. Living in Victoria we will always have something to talk about even if it is only the weather.

This months “Words of Wisdom” are somewhat topical.  Brenda has written a stunning piece on equality.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we at the group did.

So lets all celebrate our uniqueness and maybe just pop that coat in your car, just in case.  Happy Reading!

Gender Equality 
If I was blind and couldn't see
I'd accept you as you are,
I'd hear your voice and feel your touch,
I wouldn't see your scar.

I'd hear the dancing of your voice,
I'd sense your tapping feet,
I'd see your soul's vibration,
And that is how we'd meet.

I wouldn't care if you were short,
Or black or white or poor,
Your gender would mean nothing -
Your heart would mean much more.

But I'm not blind and I can see,
And in seeing, judgments make.
You are female or you are male,
You are genuine or fake.

Who gets to choose the skin we're in?
We're born just as we are.
Male or female, we all are humans
As varied as the stars.

It is our character that in the end
Will show who’s the best.
It has not a thing to do with gender,
To achieve this is our test.