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Teesdale Primary School News

Bannockburn College Scholarships 
Congratulations to Teague Holdsworth and Tom Cowling as the recipients of scholarships for Bannockburn College in 2018.

Ms Robyn Anderson, Assistant Principal of Bannockburn College, presented the scholarships to these students at assembly.

Book Week
Teesdale students celebrated Children’s Book Week. We created a display in the library to highlight books that have received awards this year.  Our library consistently displays new books that we purchase to encourage student borrowing.  

Research shows that the greatest support to student improvement in Spelling and Word Knowledge is through sustained, regular reading.  It is important that all students read nightly.  Parents can greatly assist this by considering the following:

•  Ensuring there is a dedicated, quiet reading time 

•  Ensure there is an opportunity for your child to engage with you in a discussion about what they have read. Example questions include:

 “What is your favourite part? Who is your favourite character? Can you explain the story to me?”  Good Readers ask questions before, during and after reading.

• There should always be a dictionary available at home.  It is great to share the experience of looking up a word together and discuss the word entry in the dictionary.

All families received a copy of the Oxford Word List as an important resource to support their child’s learning.  Students received a ‘Have a Go’ Personal Dictionary for use during the Revising stage of the writing process. These will be focus words during learning time at school, however words will be sent home twice a term.  This is another valuable resource for parents to share with their child.

Personal Learning Time
All classes have a dedicated learning time on Personal Learning.  Personal Learning provides the opportunity to discuss our Teesdale Five Values of Respect, Resilience, Friendship, Excellence and Honesty and other related social life skills.  Personal Learning time also utilises the resources of our eSmart accredited program to include such areas as cyber-safety and positive uses of technology.  Staff have recently undertaken an audit of our eSmart status to ensure all components are addressed across all classes.

Parenting Programs at Teesdale PS
Bookings for “Tuning Into Kids”, the free parenting program, are on offer at Teesdale Primary School for 19th and 26th October from 9:30am to 1pm with Practitioner, Helen Diamond from CentaCare Ballarat. If you would like to make a booking please contact the school office on 5281 5218.

Sporting School- Gymnastics
The current Sporting in Schools Gymnastics sessions provide a good opportunity for students in Years 3-6 to experience high level coaching in gymnastics.  The coach, Kerry Woods, provides a range of gymnastics activities for students to enjoy.  There are 20 students booked for this activity, the maximum places available.  Thank you also to Ms Laura Child for supervising this after school event. 

Congratulations Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program on 10 years
This year celebrates our school's 10th anniversary of running our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. To commemorate this significant achievement, we will be dedicating our cafe on the Wednesday 13th September to celebrate and recognise the contribution of past and present volunteers, teachers, parents and students. The plan for the day is to welcome visitors from 10am  to see our garden class in action, followed by a walk through our historical display.  ‘Sharing our Harvest’ will commence at 11:30am to enjoy lunch made by our students using fresh produce from our garden.

Please contact the school if you were part of this valuable program over the years and would like to attend on the day, or if you have memorabilia to share. We would love to hear from you. 

General Admission is $10.00 per head 

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL – Phone 5281 5218

Upcoming Café dates for 2017 are:
Wednesday Sept 13th (Bookings Essential),
Oct 18th and Nov 15th

The Café is open from 11:30am – 12:15pm  All welcome.

Let’s Stick Together
The Woolworths Earn & Learn Program is back for 2017!

SHOP – earn one Woolworths Earn & Learn sticker for every $10 spent at Woolworths 

STICK – complete a Sticker Sheet

GIVE BACK – Drop the Sticker Sheet into a Collection Box at Teesdale Primary School, Woolworths Bannockburn, Woolworths Barrabool Hills or the Teesdale General Store.

The program runs until 19th September.  Just go to for more Sticker Sheets and more information – then stick together with our local community.

Living Cards Fundraiser
Thank you to all the parents who supported our card fundraiser and to Kim Andrews and the PFA for your hard work and organization.  We have raised approximately $1700.00 profit at this stage.  We do have a few cards left to sell at $15.00 per box, so call into the school office if you are interested.

Father’s Day Stall
We hope Dad enjoys his special gift on Father’s Day and has a wonderful day with family and friends.  Thank you to the PFA team for organising this special event.

Footy Day and Hot Dog Lunch
This will be happening on Friday15th September.  Dress in your favourite team colours and do not forget to put your order in for a hotdog.  What a fun way to celebrate the end of the term!

Please take the time to join our Teesdale Primary School PFA Facebook page and stay up to date with PFA events.   

New Enrolments for 2018 
As we are beginning our planning for 2018, could all parents with a Prep Year student for 2018 please complete the enrolment form and return to the school office.  There are also a number of up-coming Transition to Prep activities, which we can more effectively communicate to families when we have contact details.  If you know of new families enrolling students for next year at our school, please let them know as well.

If you would like to know more about our school, please phone us during school hours on phone 5281 5218 or head to our website at:  

•  Don’t forget to come to the next The Mudbrick Café celebrating 10 years of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program at Teesdale!

•  Are you collecting the Woolworth Earn & Learn stickers for our school?

•  Stay safe over the holiday break!  It’s not OK to be away unless it’s holidays!