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Golden Plains Little Athletics Club

Well, last month I told you I thought warmer weather was on its way. Could I have been more wrong? Seems as soon as the words were in print we got hit with yet more of winter at its’ finest. This month I’m going to try again. So … with the warm weather only just around the corner it is time to start thinking about summer activities for the kids.

Golden Plains Little Athletics Club is looking forward to another fantastic season of events this year. We have had many existing members sign back up and we are always keen to see new families come along and enjoy the benefits of little athletics. What could be better than having all your children in the same place for one sport each Saturday morning instead of the endless juggling we all normally do as parents?

Little athletics is held every Saturday morning at Goldsworthy Reserve in Corio. Each week several clubs come together at this location to compete in a friendly and supportive environment. There is opportunity for everyone from the most advanced athlete to the absolute beginner to come along and have fun, join in the various events, learn new skills, be active and best of all, make new friends whilst there. Athletes compete against other children their own age and do not need to have any particular skills except the willingness to give it a go and try their best. Our focus is on having fun and is very much based on each individual’s efforts and achievements 

On Sunday the 10th September we will have an information stand at Bannockburn Shopping Centre from 10am to 12pm. Come along and have a chat, ask any questions you may have or find out more details. We would love to see you there.

Corio Little Athletics Centre will also be holding a come and try day at Goldsworthy Reserve, Corio on Friday 29th September (Grand Final Eve Public Holiday) starting at 10am. Everyone is welcome to come along and see what little athletics is all about. There is no obligation to join and you are free to just come and watch or join in and have a go at the various events we have on offer. 

The little athletics season begins on Saturday 7th October and runs until March 2018. The venue is Goldsworthy reserve in Corio each Saturday morning. You are welcome to attend as many or as few Saturday mornings as you would like with the only stipulation being that you must attend a minimum number to be eligible for end of season trophies or for various other events throughout the season. That means, if you like to head away for the weekend, have another sport that occasionally takes up your Saturday mornings, or simply enjoy the occasional Saturday morning sleep in, it is not a problem. Be aware though, once your kids get a taste for little athletics, they may not want to miss a week at all!

If you have any questions or would like more information you can contact us at or Heather Parkinson (president) on 0403 195 283.