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Maude Fire Brigade News

The Maude Brigade celebrated our 40th Birthday with a brigade dinner and awards night at the Fire Station on 5th August. We had a great gathering of 40-50 people at an evening presided over by Captain Craig Blake. Awards were presented by our Catchment Officer Geoff McGill.

Awards presented were:
Five Year Certificate: Priscilla Preston, Phil and Barb Plummer and Alex Hyatt.

Ten Year Medal: Bettine Satchell.

Fifteen Year Medal: Kathy Nordin.

Twenty Year Medal: Ralph Nordin and Damien Giustini.

Twenty-five Year Medal: Sue Stephens.

Thirty-five year Medal: Bev Burgess, David Stephens and Lex Stray and Peter Stray.

In addition, a CFA life membership as well as Brigade life membership was awarded to Peter Stray.