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The Parish Church of St John, Bannockburn

Often, as a church we’re called to stand up for values and positions that match our stated beliefs, or as one of our older hymns puts it, to “fight the good fight”. But what does it mean for Christians to engage in "the good fight"?

The newspapers are filled with stories of people engaged in what they regard as righteous struggles for justice, inspired by faith. Al Gore is still combating global warming (for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize); the Dalai Lama (an earlier Nobel laureate); is still gently but firmly pushing back against the Chinese government; the nameless Buddhist monks of Myanmar, some of them paying with their lives continue their struggle for democracy. 

Whatever we think of their particular views, we have to admire these people of faith for their resolution, and for their courage in taking an unpopular stand. Contrasted to them are the politicians of the ongoing formal and informal political debates, standing cautiously behind the lecterns. They all seem so calculated with their answers, so wary of taking any stand that could alienate a constituency.

"Fighting the good fight" is a rich Christian tradition. While it may at first seem to be contradicted by some teachings of Jesus - most notably his instruction to "turn the other cheek" - Jesus' own life was that of a man willing to fight, and even die, for what’s right. The difference is that, for him, the thing worth fighting for must always be larger than ourselves, and our self-interest. We might do well to ask people, "What, to you, is worth fighting for? What is your good fight?"

If you’d like to explore our church’s position on issues that we hold are important and worth fighting for, there are several ways to do so.  You can subscribe on email to our weekly sermons to get a ‘feel’ for where we’re at. Our weekly email reflections can be delivered straight to your inbox by simply subscribing through 

Alternatively you might like to come to one of the services on a Sunday and getter a bigger feel for where we’re at! We meet, in Bannockburn, at St John’s at 11am each Sunday. But wait!  There’s more!! If you’d like to, you could also give our minister a ring to ask any questions and/or raise any doubts and find out where we’re positioning ourselves within the community to allow an appropriate voice to be given (and heard) on a range of matters. 

We believe that there are things worth fighting for, and this belief is based on the teachings that we believe give value to all life on the planet. What do you think?

Our minister, Phil Jacobson, can be contacted on 5291 4048 or 0419 322 385 or you can visit us on the web at . www. where you can find out more about the parish’s church at Bannockburn. We can also be found on Facebook and you can post a message there if you would like to. 

‘Bye for now and may God continue to smile upon your life