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St Mary McKillop Church and School

Did we let everyone know that we have chosen a name for our new church and school?

St Mary MacKillop: a modern saint, a saint with connections to the margins of society and with strong links to rural life, a female saint, a saint who will become well known in Bannockburn and surrounds through the Catholic church and school that will bear her name.

Things have been progressing at breakneck speed with planning for opening the St Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary School Bannockburn and there is still a lot to be done.

Till now not much has been in evidence except the start of moving for the current Bannockburn Primary School. Our architects for the school, Minx Architects, are working behind the scenes to develop a Master Plan so if you hear of them seeking community input please be willing to help. Similarly, we have a media and communications company, Resonate, working to help us develop our public presence: please help them too.

Now!!! There is a very visible presence via a portable office on the church block on the corner of Milton and High Streets, soon to be the office space for the early staff for the new Catholic School and soon to have a big sign announcing the name.

Even more important is the appointment of a principal: we are proud to announce that Mr Anthony Drill has accepted this role and will formally start with us in early September. Anthony is an experienced principal within the Catholic system and brings a wealth of expertise, passion and energy to our brand-new school. I am overjoyed to have him join us as we journey apace towards 2018.

Enrolments are coming along well with over 200 application forms handed out so far and about 20 already returned: we need more so please fill in the application for your child and submit it. We need to get an idea of who is interested and how to contact you directly to talk further and an application is the best way to do that.

You can get news about the school via Facebook by liking “Bannockburn Catholic Primary School” 

The other major element of change for the Catholic presence in Bannockburn is of course the building of a new church, St Mary MacKillop Church, replacing the St John the Evangelist Church so tragically destroyed two years ago. After receiving insurance money and some bequests and launching a major fundraising effort we are in a position to start the process of detailed design, planning and building. To help guide us with this once in a lifetime effort we have appointed Law Architects.

A heartfelt thank you to all those who have supported our fund-raising so far. The gala fundraising launch at Clyde Park was a great success – thank you especially to Terry and Sue for providing their beautiful Clyde Park for the evening – we raised about $30,000 through tickets, auctions and associated donations: thank you thank you to all who gave items for auction, who helped organize the evening, and who participated so joyfully. We still have a lot more money to raise but we have a year to get it and after this fabulous start I am confident that the generosity of all the people of the area will continue and help us to create a new landmark that breaths Spirit into the town and draws people towards the heart of Bannockburn.

God bless, Fr Charles Balnaves
Parish Priest, Catholic Parish of Meredith

Acknowledging the Wadawarrung / Wautharong First Peoples

Parish Office: 03 5286 1230

Mobile: 0417 319 556