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Shelford Primary School July 2018

Regional Principal Conference
This conference was a fantastic opportunity to learn about new ways to encourage a Mathematical Mindset, engage students and aid the development of new networks with other principals and discuss professional development opportunities for our school.

I attended a presentation on creating a Mathematical Mindset and how we can continually engage our students in challenging themselves in all areas of maths. Another presentation was based on how to engage students and increase their resilience and competence. This relates directly to our school as we focus on implementing a growth mindset. I was very excited to be chosen to receive a valuable resource that can be immediately introduced in our classroom. The conference was also an invaluable opportunity to see what other schools are doing and I will certainly be taking elements from this and implementing it to continually grow our school community and importantly make decisions based around our students for their growth. 

Ecolinc Excursion
Ecolinc is a Science and Technology Innovation Centre specialising in programs on the theme of sustainability and the environment. We went to Ecolinc to do their Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program. This program aims to show the students ways of minimising the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. To do this they learnt strategies for minimising waste that goes into landfill and discovered the invertebrates that help turn food waste into compost. 

Targeting Spelling
Our spelling program has taken off with all the students enjoying learning about the different aspects that are involved in the program. Targeting Spelling is a whole school spelling program that has been developed and trialled in classrooms over many years with outstanding results. It will provide the students with a solid foundation in spelling. 

Essential Assessment
Essential assessment is a model that assesses each student and provides our staff and students with aligned curriculum to grow each individual student’s knowledge from their current understanding. This program has enabled us to pinpoint opportunities for further growth and extending each student’s individual strength in their understanding of mathematics. 

Working Bee
Recently we received a Gem of an Idea Grant from the Golden Plains Shire for our kitchen garden. We used these funds to buy soil to top up our raised beds and to buy equipment to help the students to work in the garden. Thank you to the Golden Plains Shire for the funds and to all the parents, students and friends of the school for helping at the working bee. 

School Reports
School reports were sent home on the last day of term two and parent / teacher interviews will be scheduled early in term three. By having the interviews in term three it will allow for direct conversation on the areas of focus for the rest of the year for the child/ren. 

Professional Development
On 27th July Beck, Sharon and myself will be attending a Professional Development day for the 7 Steps to Writing Success program which has a brilliant success rate and has seen writing scores improve by 30% in one term. 

Important Dates
16th July – First day of term
27th July – Curriculum Day 

Mr Travis Faulkhead
Ph: 03 5281 3291