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Church Closure

Sunday, August 22nd 2010 was a sad day in the long life of the Lethbridge Uniting Church, when the final worship service was held and the Church was officially closed due to lack of support.

A large group of people attended the final service, including former ministers and their wives, many former members of the congregation who have now moved away from the district, and the local Uniting Church members from around the district.

The service was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Adam McIntosh of Ballarat South Uniting Church, and the address was given by Rev. Margaret Manning. At the conclusion of the service the Cross was carried out of the church by Neil Cameron, followed by other congregation members with the various symbols of the church. The door was officially closed by Jean Breguet.

Those attending then enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea and were able to 'catch up' with the former ministers, members and friends of the little church.

The little wooden building in Ackland Road opposite the railway station was originally constructed in 1868-69 on a site on the Midland Highway. It was moved to the Ackland Road site in 1959 and was extended in 1964 to accommodate a Sunday School.

The Lethbridge Methodist Church had been shifted to She Oaks in 1945 and used for Methodist, and later Uniting Church services from that time. In 1979 the building was returned to the Ackland Road site, and was used as a Sunday School for some years. It was indeed fortunate that this building had been returned to Lethbridge, as the She Oaks site was burnt out in 1982 and any remaining building would have been destroyed as was the She Oaks State School opposite.

The local Uniting congregation is no longer part of the Lara parish, but has joined with the Ballarat South Parish, centred at Buninyong. Services at Meredith are held at the Meredith Uniting Church on the 2nd Sunday at 11am, and at the Meredith Anglican Church on the 4th Sunday at 11am. Both these services are combined Communion Services.