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Lethbridge Cricket Club Reunion

What a grand weekend as the oldies gathered to reminisce of times gone by, the highs and lows of the game of cricket, and very entertained by the "A" grade match v Meredith as it unfolded on the ground.

Interestingly enough, the surnames in the score book hadn't changed much- Dillon, Donaldson, Spiller, Giles just a different generation! A theme that flows throughout the Club.

Folk came from far and wide to attend - some returning for the first time since their playing days, some absolute regular spectators, some recently retired; all their for one course- to celebrate the institution that IS the Lethy Cricket Club!

Oldest there, someone more known for his accuracy with the score book than cricket prowess, Keith Black, long time official "A" grade scorer and my dad. How proud was he to have his 5 sons in attendance that W/E, the youngest not there on Sat as he was playing "B" with his local club Queenscliff. Second youngest Murray travelling from QLD to be part of the festivities!

Another "old timer" Wally McGillivray travelled with his wife and daughter to be part of reunion day, a name synonymous with Lethy for many years, and much of the history, past records and memorabilia only intact thanks to Wally's brother Eric( dec), an absolute stalwart of all things historical, and a lover of this Club.

An amazing record of all players past and present was displayed in the rooms- aptly dubbed "the maze" by the little kids - with photos mementos and reams of player / club statistics recorded in detail. Photos of blokes with lots of hair on their heads and faces -  for some now sorely missing!

The monumental task magnificently executed by Terry Southall, who spent unfathomable hours researching, reading, asking and producing the most comprehensive record imaginable- simply amazing! Phyl Wild his second hand man, and together, what a legacy! Congratulations and thanks so much! And to all those who marched to the drum to make the occasion so special.

The Sunday saw the tone set for a different sort of day; Howy has the ground in pristine condition, the fielding team put their finishing touches on their practice, the umpires took their place, the opening batsmen strode purposely to the crease - like gladiator ready for battle. The bowler waits in anticipation - let the game begin!

Such was the atmosphere on the Sunday morning as the 81/81 "A"&"B" premiership teams faced off against each other! How funny, their legs and bodies don't work like they did 30 years ago. Their whites might be a bit tight or a bit worn out, but yep they were there almost the same to the man. Two almost name sakes replaced missing players, one unfortunately deceased, and one who's legs tell the tale of too many years behind the stumps!

This show case game was seriously marred by the weather conditions - a howling northerly followed by a very squawley damp and cold change. The inclement weather forcing the players off the ground again and again - but they persisted, taking every opportunity to revitalise the match every time the conditions eased. All in all a great spectacle and a great day, some fancy foot work, some exemplary fielding and catching and a whole lot of laughs!

Great to see another "old timer" in Bern Dooley enjoying the spectacle with Keith. Geoff Spiller getting the gong for player of the day!

Almost as big a reunion for us girls - many of our kids having been brought up in the wonderful family culture of the Lethy Club. From one season to the next always a pram to push, your kids pushing mine and mine in turn pushing yours of the next generation. And so it continues! As always the BEST arvo teas; reunion W/E no different with the current band of ladies putting on a magnificent spread - for the entirety of the two days!

Yes it truly is a culture, a genuine love of the a club so steeped in history, a history so well preserved because it has always been important to those who care - what a wonderful legacy - and a big tribute to all of those who have strived to preserve it for the generations to come.

Can't wait for the next reunion day!