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Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts

The handful of volunteers who make up the Back to Steiglitz Association all now have aching faces.  Why?  Because the recent Steiglitz Airing of the Quilts was a runaway success.

Although the sun was hidden behind clouds most of the weekend it didn't stop the musicians sounding fabulous, the food tasting terrific, or the wind giving over 80 quilts a good ol' airing!  

So, we'd like to say a huge "thank you" to all the quilters, friends & locals who worked like trojans for days beforehand. It was because of you the dozens upon dozens of visitors  enjoyed both the unique delights of this unusual event and our equally unusual little town. 

We're all looking forward to seeing you at the Back to Steiglitz Festival in October.

 Lindy Allinson.

Picture Opposite: The old post office (Drapers)in Regent Street.

Resident  Peter Sharp (with his partners granddaughter) on the horse & cart travelling
up Regent Street.