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Is Your Letterbox Postie Friendly?

The delivery of our mail is something that we take for granted in Australia. But where does the postie put our mail?
A friend recently returned from a trip to some of the remoter parts of the country and came back with a amazing collage of home made mailboxes he saw on his trip. We are very innovative in the size and design of our mailboxes but is our choice and the positioning of it helpful and practical?

For instance the township delivery around Bannockburn is now done by motor bike. That makes things very easy because the bike can go almost anywhere but what of the mail Terry has to deliver?

Many letterboxes do not cater for the mail we regularly receive - it is difficult to get rectangular envelopes into circular boxes and totally impossible to get A4 size envelopes in many, leaving the postie to work out how to deliver them.

During wet weather the mail gets wet and on other days gets blown way if it cannot be contained within the mailbox.

Some mailboxes have very small openings protected by flaps with sharp edges that bite the fingers that attempt to make deliveries while others face in awkward directions challenging the messenger to find where the slot is.

The rest of our area is covered by car. Ideally the mailbox is situated on the right hand side of the driveway so that the mail can be delivered without getting out of the car. While it may be good exercise to jump in and out of the car at each stop it is very time consuming resulting in people further up the track receiving later deliveries.

Boxes placed too close to fences and gates also make delivery difficult as are those surrounded by trees, rocks, culverts or ornaments.

Our mail contractors have to deliver to hundreds of properties each day and appreciate any assistance you can give them by the thoughtful choice of design and location of your mail box to make their life a little easier.

Try driving up to your letter box with a couple of A4 envelopes and post them. How easy was it?
Our mail contractors do an amazing job, sometimes under difficult conditions. Let's make their day a little better. They would really appreciate that.